keep healthy

Our COVID-19 Response

Colorado's Covid numbers are spiking. We are doing everything that we can to help keep the numbers down. Here are the current protocols that we are following:

1. All Team members are encouraged to wash or sanitize hands often (Every 15 minutes)

2. The building will be fogged every night.This requires the building to be empty. One has to wear a respirator and a suit in order to fog.

3. We are sanitizing all high touch surfaces very frequently during the day.

4. EVERYBODY must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth while in the building.

5. Group lessons will be limited to family members only.

6. Instructors and Students will have to wear a mask while teaching lessons.

7. All rental gear will be sanitized after each use.

8. Plexi Glass has been installed on the front desk.

9. Any team member that has traveled out of state MUST have a negative COVID test before starting work.

10. Each employee will need to fill out a symptom log before starting work each day.

11. If an employee is feeling sick we ask that they do not come to work

12. The bathroom/locker rooms will be cleaned and disinfected every 2 hours

13. We no longer offer a shuttle service. Please use your lodging property or Uber

These protocols are always changing! We will keep up with anything that may change.

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