Swix T161SB Nylon Small Rectangular Brush


  • SWIX BRUSHES – Are designed for brushing wax out of the structures (base patterns) in ski bases and snowboards after you have scraped. Brushes are also used before waxing to clean and open base for better wax absorption
  • NYLON BRUSH (T0161) – Firm white nylon bristles for structuring most waxes/BLUE NYLON (T0160) – Short 12mm bristles for general polishing of wax
  • HORSEHAIR BRUSH (T0157) – Anti-static final brushing of race waxes
  • COARSE BRONZE BRUSH (T0158) – Clean, structure and open pores of base before waxing/MEDIUM BRONZE BRUSH(T0162) – First brush to use after waxing
  • CERA-F COMBI/CORK AND NYLON BRUSH (T0196) – For Cera-F solid application. Rub in with the cork and polish with blue nylon side

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